Monthly Recs: Auto Read Authors

Oh my. So I decided to join the Monthly Recommendations group, which I found through Trina of Between Chapters when I watched her video on the August topic: Auto Read Authors. I know I should start with August’s topic, but the July topic is just too fun to pass up. After going through my shelves, it turns out my list of authors is a bit long…I guess if I like an author, I’m all in!


Sarah J. Maas
Maas’ books have a way of hooking me and pulling me right in. I just love her characters and how they interact with each other and seeing all of her plotting come together throughout her books. And I really enjoy her world building and magic systems. A Court of Mist and Fury is one of my all-time favorites. I’m not totally sold on the upcoming Chaol novel, but since it’s Sarah J. Maas, I definitely plan to check it out.

Lisa Kleypas
What historical romance lover worth her salt doesn’t have Lisa Kleypas on autobuy? I will admit, I dropped off the Kleypas bandwagon a bit when she started writing contemporary since it’s just not really my genre, but I’m so happy she’s back in historicals and I do plan to go back and read her contemporaries. I loved her most recent book, Devil in Spring (though the last five percent or so was a bit weird…), and I’m eagerly anticipating her next book due out in February. The sample chapter they sent out with preorders was such a tease!

Leigh Bardugo
Bardugo is a newer author to this list. I enjoyed her Grisha trilogy (which I believe we’re now supposed to call the Shadow and Bone trilogy?), but she didn’t make my auto read list until I read the Six of Crows duology. Even then, I wasn’t sold on her upcoming Wonder Woman book or the Alex Stern story set at Yale. But then I heard her talk about Warbringer at BookCon, and now I’m wondering why I ever doubted her. It sounds amazing and is one of my most anticipated reads for the remainder of 2017. Plus the cover and illustrations for The Language of Thorns are divine. I definitely plan to pick up anything she writes in the future.

Kristin Cashore
I adore Cashore’s Graceling Realm series, and I’m really disappointed I haven’t seen anything from her in years. So imagine how excited I was when she announced her upcoming novel, Jane, Unlimited! Definitely a must read. In fact, it was the only arc at BookCon that I made an effort to try and get. And when I did, I started reading it immediately. Unfortunately, Jane, Unlimited doesn’t do it for me like the Graceling Realm books, but I still consider Cashore to be an auto read author for me.

Julia Quinn
Another historical romance behemoth who had to be on this list. Like many Quinn fans, she hooked me with the Bridgertons, and I’ve been a devoted fan ever since. Her Rokesbys series hasn’t been my favorite from Quinn, but even an ok Quinn novel is still an excellent romance novel.

Maria Snyder
I started reading Snyder’s books in high school when the first Poison Study trilogy was being published, and I’ve read everything ever since. I was a bit disappointed in the Glass trilogy, but I loved the Healer trilogy and was beyond thrilled to revisit Yelena and Valek in the second Study trilogy. I hear she’s working on a science fiction book now, which disappoints me since I love her fantasy books so much, but she hasn’t steered me wrong yet! She’s definitely on auto read.

Rick Riordan
Ah, Rick. I started reading Riordan’s books in high school when the Percy Jackson series was wrapping up, and I’ve immediately bought and read every one of his books since then. In more recent years, I felt like I outgrew a lot of the Percy Jackson books, and I wasn’t that impressed with The Hidden Oracle. But then Riordan came out with The Hammer of Thor, the second book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard trilogy, and I became obsessed again. I’m very eagerly anticipating the finale of the Magnus Chase series, and I think Riordan’s auto read status will also extend to his new imprint that will start publishing next year.

Sara MacLean
I feel like a true MacLean fan because I started reading her books before she became the mega author she is today (but like, really, any fan of Sarah’s is a true fan!). I’m so excited to see her become one of the biggest names in the genre and one of the most vocal advocates of romance. I haven’t been as thrilled with her last couple of releases, but she is still very much on my auto read list and I’m excited to see where she goes with her new series.

Tessa Dare
I found Dare through her Spindle Cove novels, and while I really enjoyed them, I didn’t love them. And then I started reading her Castles Ever After series and never looked back. She is for sure an auto read author for me, and I’m super excited to get my hands on her new release due out later this month!


Whew! That’s a lot of auto read authors! And this list isn’t even comprehensive! There are a number of authors on my radar whose books I typically read as they’re published, but who I’m not obsessed enough with to include on this list. And I realized as I was writing this list that I have a lot of other authors I would consider favorites, but who aren’t necessarily auto reads for me depending on what genres they write in.

Anyways, what authors would you include on your auto read list? Let me know in the comments!

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