Book News: September 8, 2017

Check out this week’s happenings!

So this week was really slow again, which is making me question the wisdom of putting these book news posts together weekly. But it’s important to me that they be issued regularly so that you know when to expect them (Fridays, fyi), so I don’t want to skip a week just because there wasn’t much news. I also don’t want to pad them with nonsense or book news I’m not personally excited about just to have something to send out each week. I’ve considered switching to monthly, but then I feel like the news is too old to be exciting anymore, or even useful in the case of preorder details. Maybe I switch to every other Friday? What do you think?

One piece of news that I was excited to see this week was the cover reveal for Cat Sebastian’s new book, It Takes Two to Tumble. I’ve said before that romance novel covers don’t interest me very much, but I was excited to see this since there wasn’t any news about her next book when I finished binging all of her books in July. Pretty sure you can expect to see this in my next roundup of most anticipated books! It will be released on December 12.

Other than that, it was a pretty quiet week. Tower of Dawn and Godsgrave, two of my most anticipated books this fall, are now on sale, which I’m excited about, but I’m making myself wait to read them in favor of books that have been on my shelves for a while. We’ll see how long I can make it until I cave and read them!

On a personal note, I had a busy bookish week! I went to the National Book Festival in DC on Saturday and saw David McCullough, Roxane Gay, Sandya Menon, Melissa de la Cruz, and Nicola Yoon speak. You can check out my recap of NatBookFest here. I also went to Leigh Bardugo’s New York signing on Wednesday as part of her Wonder Woman: Warbringer tour. Keep your eye out for a recap of the event tomorrow!

I’ll leave with this gem: BookRiot’s roundup of the best #RuinABookInOneLetter tweets.

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