Book News: November 10, 2017

Check out the recent happenings!

Roxane Gay has a new book coming out! She’s going to be editing an anthology of “dispatches from rape culture.” I’m sure this is going to be an incredibly difficult but important read, so start preparing yourselves for its release in May 2018.


Sarah MacLean’s next book has a title! It’s called Wicked and the Wallflower, and it will be the first book in the new Bareknuckle Bastards series. There’s no cover yet, but I imagine we’ll get one soon. It will be out on June 19, 2018.


BookCon 2018 tickets are going on sale on November 15! I feel like I’m still recovering from the last BookCon, but I don’t think I can not go again next year. It can be an overwhelming day, but it’s a lot of fun, so I definitely recommend checking it out if you have the chance.


This year’s SapphicAThon will take place from December 14 to 28! It’s a readathon focused specifically on reading f/f romances. I don’t think I’ll be participating because I don’t currently have any f/f romances on my shelves that I can read as part of my efforts to whittle down my physical TBR, but I definitely encourage you to participate! At the very least, check out the link below for some great f/f recommendations.


This info might not be new, but it’s new to me since I just saw these on Goodreads recently. I wasn’t sure if how many books would be part of Alyssa Cole’s Loyal League series (I highly encourage you to check out An Extraordinary Union), but it looks like there will be a third book titled An Unconditional Freedom, due out in October 2018, according to Goodreads.

Goodreads also has a cover and release date for the next book in Joanna Shupe’s The Four Hundred series. It will be called A Scandalous Deal and is scheduled for release in April 2018.


I also have a bunch of links for you guys this week!

BookRiot had this really useful article on Where to Sell Used Books: 5 of the Best Places Online (and in Person) for those looking to sell their books. They also had an article titled How I Read 100 Books in One Year (and How You Can, Too) that I thought had a lot of great tips.

A bunch of articles also popped up in the past week or so about pirating, which I believe was spurred by a tweet to Maggie Stiefvater by a fan who said they loved her books but pirated them all. Some interesting articles have popped up since then, including one from The Guardian titled We’re Told to Be Grateful We Even Have Readers: Pirated eBooks Threaten the Future of Book Sales and another from TorrentFreak titled Book Author Trolled Pirates With Fake Leak to Make a Point. I personally don’t pirate books and am strongly against it, but I also realize that’s easy for me to say when I have access to a great library and the resources to purchase books when I want.

Also, romance seems to be having a moment in the media right now, which is awesome. Racked had a really good article titled Why We Still Call Them Bodice Rippers, EW published Romance as Resistance: How the Happily-Ever-After Genre Is Taking on Trump, and Shondaland published an interview with Alisha Rai titled Getting Steamy with Author Alisha Rai as well as Alyssa Cole’s list of Romance Novels to Get You Through Tough Times.


That’s it for this round of book news! What news are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments!

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