The Book Blogger Test

I’m back today with another tag post! Thanks so much to Olivia from Purely Olivia for tagging me. You should totally check out her post and then come back and read mine.

Top three book pet hates

Hmmm, this is tough. Plus it’s hard to decide whether to go for content pet peeves or aesthetic pet peeves. And I know I’m going to think of a ton of better answers after I post this. I’m going to stick with aesthetic/publishing pet peeves since I know I’ll still agree with these answers later and go with these three, in no particular order:

  • Cover changes / mismatched series: So this is totally an aesthetic pet peeve and not content-related, but I hate when my books don’t match each other. Like, I adore Maria Snyder’s books, but in her latest trilogy alone, the covers match, but the books are different heights with different finishes with the logo on different parts of the spine. It’s incredibly irritating. And her first trilogy underwent several cover changes, so the three books I have do not match. They’re such good books, but I’m mildly irritated when I see them on my shelf, which is a terrible shame.
  • Paperbacks being published a year after the hardcovers: I only recently realized that this is largely an American problem, as British and Australian publishers tend to release paperbacks at the same time as hardcovers (at least for some books). I much prefer paperbacks, so I hate that I have to wait a year after a book comes out to buy a book in paperback. Especially if I start buying a series in paperback and then have to switch to hardcover in order to buy and read books as they’re published. I usually finish out that particular series in paperback so they all match, but it’s irritating.
  • Multiple special editions: I can’t tell you how annoyed I was when the retailers made me choose between the special bonus content in all of their exclusive editions of A Court of Mist and Fury. Seriously, I want all of the bonus content! And I refuse to buy three copies of the exact same book in order to get it! Two and a half years later, and I’m clearly still very bitter about this. Also, I went for the Nevernight series in paperback, but I was seriously tempted to get one of the special editions of Godsgrave with the sprayed edges. But each retailer had different colored edges to choose from. How am I supposed to decide something like that?!
  • Bonus answer: Deckled edges. I am not a fan.

Perfect reading spot

I have dreams of owning the ultimate reading chair one day and putting it in a warm, sunny corner, but that day is still a ways away. In the interim, I think my favorite reading spot is probably my bed. It’s a classic answer, but reading in bed is a classic for a reason. It’s so comfy and warm!

Three book confessions

  • I hate love triangles. I know they’re all the rage in YA books (though it seems to have died down some in recent years), but I’ve just never understood them, and a love triangle can totally make me DNF a book (hello The Summer I Turned Pretty). I just don’t understand finding that many people that you really like in the first place, and then I get irritated by their angst and indecision. Just make up your mind already!
  • I haven’t read The Mortal Instruments books. I read the first one and liked it well enough, but I was totally turned off by the (spoiler alert) incest angle at the end. I know it gets resolved in later books, but that just removed any desire I had to continue reading the series.
  • I already have way too many books in my way too small apartment, but I still have boxes of books in my closet at my parents’ house. Like, at least eight of them. I want them all with me, but I genuinely don’t have room for them all. I have a problem…

Last time you cried when reading a book

I genuinely don’t remember. I actually realized recently when a friend recommended Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies that I tend to shy away from sad books or books that deal with grief, which means I should probably make an effort to read one every once in a while. But it’s been too long since a book made me cry for me to remember what it was. Ask me again in a few months, and hopefully I’ll have an answer for you.

Numbers of books on your bedside table

So normally I only have my currently reading books on my bedside table, which right now is three. But I might have just gotten my first Avon Addicts box (which I plan to post on my social media later today!) and stacked them all on my bedside table so they’re within arms reach when I get a random urge to flip through them or generally admire them…putting my total at 11. Oops.

Favorite reading snack

You know, I wouldn’t really say I have a reading snack. I don’t eat all that much when I read since food and books don’t go that great together (too much coordination and too many opportunities to get food on my book), plus if I had a snack every time I sat down with a book, I’d eat way too much food! But like, you can never go wrong with some chocolate…

Three books you’d recommend to anyone

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Dear Ijeawele, a Feminist Manifest in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

A picture of your favorite bookshelf

I think my favorite shelf is probably the shelf with my Jane Austen collection. I don’t house them all here (the new one I just got on Black Friday doesn’t fit!), but this is definitely the bulk of them. They’re all just so pretty!


How much books mean to you in three words

Books are life.

Biggest reading secret

…I like spoilers. It drives my husband crazy when he sees me flip to the end to find out what happens, but I just like knowing so I can enjoy the journey. If I don’t know what’s coming, then I practically skim the book until I get to the end because I literally have no patience. So while it’s probably anathema to flip to the end, I think it generally gives me a better reading experience. I should add, though, that I don’t do this for all books! But when I get the urge to know what happens in the end, I don’t have much willpower to resist it.

Occasionally this does get me in trouble, because it can be hard to stop myself from reading the entire ending and then ruin my desire to read through the entire book, but I’m pretty good about not doing that very often.


Alright, that’s it for this post. Let me know in the comments how many books you have on your nightstand right now and whether you can ever talk to me again now that you know I like spoilers. And consider yourself tagged if you want to do this post yourself! I’d love to check it out if you leave a link below.

10 thoughts on “The Book Blogger Test

  1. NO SPOILERS EVER (said in my best Mommie Dearest voice). I get annoyed if I’m on a message board and someone talks about even the most miniscule detail in a book. If my eyes haven’t seen it I don’t want to know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So do you prefer going into books blind? I generally like researching books a bit before I decide to read them, so I tend to know a fair amount about the plot before I even read them.

      But I’m totally with you on having other people spoil the book for me. That’s so not cool! It’s only acceptable when I choose to spoil myself.


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