2020 Reading Goals

I say this every year, but reading goals posts are some of my favorite yearend posts that make the rounds. I just love seeing people motivated to try new things and improve their reading, plus it gives me all sorts of inspiration on how to change my own reading. Unlike last year, though, where I undertook a rather massive project as my reading goal, this year is going to be a lot more about relaxing and enjoying what I’m reading.

I was originally going to make it my goal this year to read all of the books on my kindle TBR. Well, not all of them. All of the ones I had bought at full price or that I got for free or at some really good discount and actually want to read. But my kindle TBR wound up swelling rather rapidly between this really good offer I got from Amazon that incentivized me to buy a bunch of books and a bunch of arc requests that came through. And honestly, I started to feel myself back in the mindset of being overwhelmed by the books I have and feeling like I have to power through them all. And that’s not how I want to feel about my reading.

So instead, I want to focus in 2020 on reading what I want to read. I want to pick something up just because the mood strikes me, and not feel like I have a set list that I’m working towards. Hopefully at the same time I can get my kindle TBR down, possibly even to zero, because I really do want to read all of those books and it’s not that crazy of a list. But I’m not going to make it a goal, and I’m not going to push myself.

I do, however, want to keep being responsible about my purchases. I’d like to read any book I purchase within three months of buying it, and I’d like to keep my physical TBR below 10 if I can.

My other main goal is to continue to read authors of color. My goal has always been 30 percent since that’s about what the U.S. population looked like in the last census, but I’d like to increase that number to 40 at minimum, since I think that’s more reflective of the U.S. today and I’d like to do my part and support more authors of color. Honestly, though, I might even make an effort to push it up to 50 percent this year.

More generally speaking, I’d like to read more fantasy this year because I really love fantasy, but I didn’t pick up an awful lot of it in 2019. I’d also like to make an effort to read less hyped books. Like, I want to stop and think about whether I’ll actually like a book or whether I’m reading it because of the hype, because I think a lot of the books I didn’t especially care for that I read this past year were just hyped and not really my thing. Oh, and reread more, though I’m not setting any concrete goals for this. Maybe in the second half of the year.

Also, this is kind of an odd reading goal, but I’d like to make it my goal to read less in 2020. I think I pushed myself pretty hard in 2019 because I was unhappy with my job and I really wanted to get to my zero TBR (which I did!), but sometimes it just felt like a compulsion to read, and I’d kind of like to back away from that feeling. I’d like to take advantage of different interests, maybe start watching some more movies and getting back into learning German and stuff, plus I’m going to be really busy at the beginning of the year with the coding bootcamp I’m enrolled in. I’m not really focused on a specific number, especially since I do really enjoy reading, but I think reading less in general is probably a good idea.

Other than that, I’m planning to move ahead with my reading project with Jenica and keep chipping away at my KissCon TBR, but that’s about it! This year is really just going to be about enjoying what I read, maybe taking it a little bit slower, and maintaining the progress I’ve made on my TBR. It’s a much different set of goals than I’ve usually set in the past, but I’m pretty excited about them!

How about you? What are your reading goals in the new year? Let me know in the comments, or drop a link to your own blog post!

12 thoughts on “2020 Reading Goals

  1. I’m actually pretty sure I told myself to read less this past year and, um, I hit the highest number I ever have? Lolol. So I hope reading less and exploring other interests goes better for you than me!! It’s a good goal. I think balance is good and there are a whole lot of things that are fun that we could spend our time on. That said, I think for both of us, reading will always be something we come back to so it’s not like we have to worry about losing it.

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