More Travel Bookmarks!

A few years ago I did a blog post about my travel bookmark collection, which I’ve accumulated throughout the years through a mix of my own travels and gifts from family and friends. Since I’ve gotten a lot of really cool ones recently, I thought it would be fun to share some of the new bookmarks I’ve welcomed into my collection!


First up are bookmarks from my own travels! I went on a trip this last fall to Italy, and I just found so many pretty bookmarks that I wound up buying four! I love the one of the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, which is where we spent a lot of our trip, and the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence was too pretty not to get a bookmark of, especially when it was this really nice watercolor effect.

In one of my more juvenile moments, I grabbed this leather bookmark of the David statue, though I was genuinely impressed by how someone can shape something that detailed and realistic out of a chunk of marble. And last was a simple leather bookmark that says Firenze. I already have a leather bookmark from Florence that I got on a previous trip, but how can you got to Florence and not buy something leather?

As you can see, I also went a little crazy when I was in Spain a couple of years ago. I just loved all of the patterned tiles! The first bookmark is a woven one from Cordoba that I wanted to get since it reminds me of the bookmark I got in Istanbul back in college. The one with the blue, green, and black pattern was one I picked up at the Alcazar in Seville, and the last one is from the Alhambra in Granada (which is super stunning!). I loved the Moorish influence in southern Spain so much, and these are some of my absolute favorite bookmarks.

Above are a few bookmarks I’ve picked up on random trips in the last few years. I do tend to pick up bookmarks at various bookstores that I visit on my travels, but I would say this one from Powell’s Books is one of the few that have elevated to really being in my collection. I mean, Powell’s is a destination in and of itself, and this bookmark is really pretty (though I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed that such a massive bookstore barely carried any romance).

Next is a bookmark from the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis. I love that when you tip it, you can see the roof blow off the building and it says “The most explosive museum in the world.” If you’re not familiar with the Mill City Museum, it’s a museum built in the ruins of what was once the largest flour mill in the world. It’s a really interesting museum about the history of flour and the Minneapolis area that I highly recommend if you find yourself in the Twin Cities.

I also nabbed this Reading Terminal Market bookmark on a recent trip to Philadelphia. My brother lives there, so I’ve visited several times, but I think this is the first bookmark I’ve ever actually bought in Philly! I wasn’t collecting them yet the very first time I went in college and hit up all of the tourist sights, and I haven’t done a lot of sightseeing when I’ve gone to visit my brother, but when I saw this bookmark I figured it was a good way to rectify that.

And last is a bookmark of the Lincoln Center in New York City. I don’t go to the Lincoln Center a ton, but I have seen performances by all of the companies based there, and it’s such a stunning square. When I saw this in the shop at a performance of the Met Opera, I had to add it to my collection!


Another addition to the collection of bookmarks I’ve accumulated in New York is this set of rainbow bookmarks from the New York Public Library. I think there’s a gray one, too, but I couldn’t find it for this photo. Anyways, I don’t usually buy plain paper bookmarks like this, especially in a larger size, but I loved that these were rainbows, and I especially loved that the black one asked “What are you reading now?” So they came home with me!

Last but not least is bookmarks from family and friends. My parents picked up the Mount Rushmore bookmark on a recent trip through South Dakota, and I love that when you tilt it, you can see the plain edifice of the rock, and then what it looks like now. My parents also got me the bookmarks from Butchart Gardens and Sitka on a cruise they did to Alaska. Apparently the gardens are amazing, and I’d love to visit one day!

My mother-in-law has also been adding to my collection, bringing home this nice woven one that says family from Ireland and the cork one from a trip to Portugal. And my sister got me the Hufflepuff bookmark, which is great because I actually don’t have one! She and my brother also got the woven one on the far right during a trip to Peru, where they hiked up to Machu Pichu. I’m not convinced I’m related to them because I would absolutely never hike that, but their trip sounds like it was amazing!

And last but not least is a bookmark that a coworker of mine picked up, I believe at her local library, though I’m not positive. She knew I collected bookmarks and thought this was cute, and I have to agree that it’s pretty adorable! I love how they made it into a reading remote.


If you think I have too many bookmarks, you are 100 percent correct! Especially considering how much I love my kindle. But I love collecting them and they don’t take up much space (I keep them in my clear acrylic Muji drawers), plus I love rummaging through them when I do read a physical book and need a bookmark! I try to pick something different every time.

Let me know which bookmark is your favorite in the comments!

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    • Omg, poor Ryan! I guess I don’t talk about him as much in book-related things since he doesn’t really read! I should really put a recommendation post together for him, though, now that you mention it!


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