Fall Reading Plans

I really enjoyed making seasonal plans for my reading over the summer, and thought I’d carry that over into the fall and see how it goes! Not going to lie, it’s kind of just more of the same: plans to read from what I already own. But I think I want to really increase my rereading this fall, too!

The goal I struggled with the most over the summer was to get my digital TBR down to 75, so it seems only fitting that I should make it a priority this fall to keep the momentum going. But I’m not exactly trying to reach for a zero TBR here, so I’m not totally sure what the end goal is. I just know I have way too many books on my kindle that I’m excited to read but never prioritize the way I do my arcs or physical books, and I’d like to change it. 

I actually reorganized my unread books into three TBRs recently and there are 47 in the folder of ones I most want to read and 60 in the one I’m interested in but not prioritizing. I was originally going to try and get the first folder down to 40, then thought maybe I should get the collective number down to 100 since so many books from the middle folder made it on my #FallInLoveBingo TBR, but I think instead I want to make a point to read 10 books I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t yet. That puts less pressure on me to not buy books (which I don’t want to do) and means that reorganizing my unread books again won’t impact things. The focus is just on reading books I want to, but have gotten away from me. And it works great with my plans to participate in #FallInLoveBingo, where I have lots of books I’m looking forward to picking up this fall!

I was already thinking of making it a goal to read at least two books from my list of Books I’d Like to Read in 2021. Like I said in that post, that list isn’t a TBR I’m committing to this year. But I’ve only read three so far, and I’d like to try and pick up a few more. Two seems reasonable, plus I have lots of genres to pick from on that list. And I think that dovetails nicely with my larger goal of reading books I’ve been wanting to but haven’t, for whatever reason. So this goal is kind of a subgoal of my plan to read 10 books I own and have been meaning to read.

While I think I’d like to keep the focus on more of the digital books I own, I can’t forget about my physical TBR, especially since I really want to read those books, too! While I did get it down to less than 20 books, I’m still a ways off from getting them all to fit in one cubby. It’d be great to knock out a bunch more, but I think I want to keep this goal super easy and commit to three books, getting my physical TBR down to fifteen. I have so many books on my shelves that I’m really excited to read, so maybe I’ll wind up reading more, but I don’t want that to become my main priority.

Like this summer, I also want to keep going with some rereads I’ve started. I did complete my reread of the Spindle Cove series by Tessa Dare, and I’d like to keep going with the Castles Ever After series, which are what really spurred my love for Dare’s works. I also started an impromptu Psy/Changeling reread this summer, and I want to keep making progress on that, though I’m by no means in a rush to finish the entire series this fall! I never did make it to the Six of Crows reread this summer, so that’s on my radar, too. Oh, and this isn’t a reread, but talking about series reminds me that I’d finally like to catch up on Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister series. I only have one novel and one novella left! And since I have those in a boxed set, together they would count as one book towards my ten I’m aiming for this fall.

My rereads are also inspiring me to really commit to rereading some of my more recent favorites, so I think I want to reread at least two of my favorite books from the past two years or so. Basically, I want to reread books where I actually remember what happens in them, unlike the Tessa Dare and Lisa Kleypas and Garth Nix rereads I’ve been doing lately where it’s been so long that I don’t remember a thing. And the Psy/Changeling books don’t count! (Except maybe Alpha Night and Last Guard, which are still new releases.) Some of those have definitely been favorites, but I’m thinking more of rereading stuff like The Widow of Rose House by Diana Biller, The Duke Who Didn’t by Courtney Milan, The Hidden Moon by Jeannie Lin, and Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. 

I suspect those are enough goals to keep me busy and mildly stressed but also motivated through the fall months, so I think I’m going to cap it there! 

5 thoughts on “Fall Reading Plans

    • Is that all of the digital books you have? Or just the ones you want to read? Because I’ve definitely got more than I have listed here (like all the freebies) that I don’t count for stress purposes 😂 And I try not to buy books on sale if my library has them, and I have access to some good libraries. But the number of digital books I own is still creeping up 😳


    • Aww, thanks! I’m apparently a very goal oriented person, but also, these are broad enough that they’re actually achievable without too much stress. Also, I’m weird and this is fun for me 😁

      And yes, yay for more re-reads! You’ve been a huge inspiration for that, and it’s been so much fun! I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner


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