Arc Review: The Missing Page

I have been looking forward to more of James and Leo’s adventures ever since Cat Sebastian published Hither, Page more than two years ago, so I was very excited when she unexpectedly announced on Twitter that a sequel would soon be available! I’m so glad I was able to get my hands on an arc, so keep reading to hear about why this book is such an excellent sequel!

The Missing Page

The Missing Page opens with James being summoned to his childhood home after an elderly relative passes away. While he’s lost contact with his relations over the years, he thinks nothing of attending the funeral, though he does find it odd that the guests are required to visit the family manor and hear the reading of the will in person in order to receive their bequests. But once he gets there, old family scandals start to resurface, including the mysterious death of his cousin. Fortunately for James, Leo heard about the family gathering upon returning home from a mission and finds the whole thing suspicious, so he makes his way to James to ensure his safety in the event someone decides the family secrets are worth killing for. The longer the two of them spend at Blackthorn, the more prescient Leo’s decision to join James becomes.

I generally love Cat Sebastian’s writing, and this book is no exception. I’ve been really looking forward to it because I really enjoyed Hither, Page and needed more time between James and Leo. I also really love that Sebastian writes historicals set in different time periods than just Regency/Victorian England, and the refreshing change in time period only added to my enjoyment of The Missing Page.

I was surprisingly invested in this mystery. I’m not shy about skipping to the end when I really want to know something, but I was enjoying the process of uncovering the different pieces (though I never put everything together myself, because of course not), so I restrained myself. I’m glad I did. The whole process of uncovering the mystery was incredibly satisfying, and it didn’t resolve at all the way I expected. I really liked what Sebastian wound up doing with it!

I thought the romance was handled really well, too. Of course, I would have loved more scenes with James and Leo together, but as a romance reader, I was not at all disappointed with how their romance progressed in this book. I feel like I don’t read a ton of romances with continuing relationships, and when I do, there’s usually something that keeps them apart the entire second book or some progression in their relationship that makes the romantic element less satisfying. I didn’t feel like that here, though I would argue that this is just as much of a mystery as it is a romance. I just really liked seeing the two of them settle into their relationship and talk about how it’s something they weren’t expecting and figuring out their way towards a life together. It was really sweet, and I just want these two to be happy.

All in all, I thought this was an incredibly cozy mystery and a great progression of the romance between James and Leo. I enjoy these two a lot, and I’d love to see Sebastian write more stories about their adventures together!

I received an arc of The Missing Page from the author and purchased my own finished copy.

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