Arc Review: Fated Blades

Fated BladesI’m a bit behind in getting this review written considering Fated Blades came out before Thanksgiving, but then again, this review is going to be largely gushing because I loved this book so much and don’t have a lot of coherent thoughts to contribute! So I’m not sure how much you would have gained if you’d read this earlier. Continue reading

2021 Christmas Reading List

So I started putting this list together on a sticky note, then upgraded it to a Twitter thread before finally deciding it need its own proper blog post. Of course, I’ve since read a few of the books I put on this list since for some reason I didn’t publish it immediately, but I’ve also added more! So keep reading for a list of all the Christmas romances I’m hoping to read this year. Continue reading

Update: What I Kept

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post asking for help on how to whittle down my old historical romance collection. It was a huge project for me to collect them throughout the years, but they were taking up too much shelf space and not sparking enough joy anymore. But it it was too hard to decide what to get rid of! I got a few really helpful answers, and after sitting on it for a while, I finally went through and weeded a ton of books. I thought it’d be fun to share a bit more about that process and what my shelves look like now! Continue reading

Fall Reading Plans

I really enjoyed making seasonal plans for my reading over the summer, and thought I’d carry that over into the fall and see how it goes! Not going to lie, it’s kind of just more of the same: plans to read from what I already own. But I think I want to really increase my rereading this fall, too! Continue reading

Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2021

My list of most anticipated fall books is shockingly small this year! Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of books on my radar that come out in the next few months that I’m looking forward to reading. But only four that I’m eagerly anticipating and have preordered! Continue reading

Summer Reading Recap + Favorites

I had a lot of fun this summer working towards my summer reading goals; it made me feel super productive! So I thought it’d be fun to take a look back at how things went and where things stand now that the summer is drawing to a close, as well as talk about a few of my favorite reads from the past few months. Continue reading

#FallInLoveBingo TBR

We weren’t sure we were going to do fall bingo this year since things have been kind of crazy lately, but Jenica decided she wanted to go ahead with it and I was more than happy to help! Things were extra busy for Aarya right now, but hopefully we can get her back for winter bingo!!¬†

It’s always so much fun to put these boards together and think of a bunch of different prompts, and I know it’s kind of clich√© to say that this one is my favorite so far, but it’s really true! I can’t wait to get reading and check off this board. Continue reading