RWA Blogger Day Recap

As you might have seen in my haul post earlier this week, I attended Blogger Day at the Romance Writers of America Annual Convention last week! In addition to hauling way too many books, I also had the chance to meet a bunch of authors and other bloggers! Continue reading

Book Expo Recap

I case you missed the memo with some of my more recent posts, I was lucky enough to go to Book Expo for the first time! I had such an amazing time, and while I’ve already shared what I got, I’m also excited to share with you what I all did! Continue reading

Recap: Brooklyn Book Festival

I’ve lived in New York for three and a half years, but I only recently heard of the Brooklyn Book Festival. What rock have I been hiding under?! The festival technically runs all week, with events hosted at different bookstores throughout the borough during the week and a Children’s Day on Saturday, but my recap will be of Festival Day on Sunday, September 17. Continue reading