Revisiting Old Lists

I always think it’s fun to see bloggers and youtubers circle back to old lists of books they’ve given themselves to read and evaluating how well they’ve done and how their attitudes towards those lists have changed. Considering I finally finished reading my list of 5-Star Predictions, which was one of the very first posts on this blog, I thought I’d take a look back at that post and a few other lists I’ve published on my blog over the years and see how they went. Continue reading

My KissCon TBR

I’m SO EXCITED to be going to KissCon again next spring! I made it a point last year to read a bunch of books by some of the different authors attending so I would know who they are on panels and be able to get my books signed and figured I’d do the same thing again this year. Only this time, I decided to make a post about it instead of just putting together a list in my notebook! Continue reading

Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2019

Soooo many exciting books are coming out this summer! Strap in, because this installment of my most anticipated books is going to be a long one. Continue reading

7 Outrageous Romance Premises That Surprisingly Work

There are so many things I love about the romance genre, but one of my absolute favorites is how much fun authors have with it. The crazier the setup for two characters to fall in love, the better! Below are seven of my favorite romances with crazy premises that the authors somehow manage to pull off. Continue reading