Arc Review: The Missing Page

I have been looking forward to more of James and Leo’s adventures ever since Cat Sebastian published Hither, Page more than two years ago, so I was very excited when she unexpectedly announced on Twitter that a sequel would soon be available! I’m so glad I was able to get my hands on an arc, so keep reading to hear about why this book is such an excellent sequel! Continue reading

Arc Review: Season’s Change

Season’s Change by Cait Nary wasn’t really on my radar until I read the first few chapters as part of a sampler paired with the first few chapters of the upcoming Rachel Reid book. I enjoyed the mental health journey set up in what I read, and between that and Cat Sebastian’s glowing recommendation, I decided to give it a go! Continue reading

Arc Review: Something Fabulous

As a fan of Alexis Hall’s immensely popular book, Boyfriend Material, I was really excited to see him branch out into the historical genre with Something Fabulous! I can’t remember the last time an author I enjoyed as a contemporary writer did something in the historical sphere, which makes my interest in this book that much greater. Continue reading

Arc Review: Fated Blades

Fated BladesI’m a bit behind in getting this review written considering Fated Blades came out before Thanksgiving, but then again, this review is going to be largely gushing because I loved this book so much and don’t have a lot of coherent thoughts to contribute! So I’m not sure how much you would have gained if you’d read this earlier. Continue reading

Arc Roundup: Battle Royal and All the Feels

I have two highly anticipated new contemporary romances to talk about with you today! I was definitely intrigued by Battle Royal when I first saw the cover, but it was its pitch as a GBBO-inspired sunshine/grump romance that really sold me and made me want to try my first Lucy Parker (it will definitely not be my last!). And of course I had to review All the Feels after the phenomenal setup for this couple that Olivia Dade did in Spoiler Alert!
Continue reading

Arc Roundup: Role Model

I usually prefer to group my reviews together, but I had so many thoughts about Role Model by Rachel Reid (spoiler: I loved it!) that I word vomited a super long review. Whoops! I’ve cleaned it up significantly from that first draft but this is still a pretty long, somewhat rambly review with some spoilers clearly marked further down. Though if you prefer your reviews completely spoiler free, maybe skip this one and just know that it’s an excellent addition to the series! Continue reading