To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: I Liked the Movie Better

To All the Boys NetflixI wasn’t planning to write this post, but I loved the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie so much that I immediately felt the need to reread the book. And despite being a huge fan of the book, it turns out that I somehow like the movie more! And I can’t stop thinking about it, hence the need to write this post. Continue reading

One-Year Blog Anniversary

IT’S BEEN A YEAR!! How is this possible? I officially launched my blog last August, and here we still are, a year later. I’m just going to apologize now because this post is going to be rather rambly, but I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’ve been blogging for that long, plus I have so many reflections about my experience so far that I want to touch on.

But even if you read none of that, thank you so much for being a part of my blog by reading, liking, and commenting on my posts! Being more active in the online bookish community was my number one objective in starting a blog, and doing so has more than lived up to my expectations. Continue reading

3 Fun Ways to Pick Your Next Read

How do you pick what book you’re going to read next? I normally just have a sense of what’s next in my queue, as well as a short list of books I’d like to get to soon, so I don’t really have to stop and think about it. But more than once this summer I’ve found myself at a loss as to what I was in the mood for or unable to pick among a stack of books, so I’ve been trying a few different ways to pick out my next read. Continue reading

Monthly Recs: Underrated Books

It’s time for another Monthly Recommendations post! If you’re not familiar with the Goodreads group, be sure to check it out here for even more recommendations. This month’s topic is underrated books. Continue reading

Fantasy Arc Roundup: Trail of Lightning, Spinning Silver, Time’s Convert

There are a number of reasons I don’t like to do full review posts for books, but I still want to share my thoughts on some of the different arcs I received this summer, especially since I’ve moved my monthly posts to more quick takes. So I thought I’d share a bunch of short reviews in a series of arc roundups. Continue reading

July Wrap Up

I’m not entirely sure how we’re closing in on the end of summer, but somehow we are and it is time for another monthly wrap up! I read some really good books this month that I’m excited to share with you, including some of my favorite romances of the year. And this post is long, but stay tuned at the end for an adorable surprise! Continue reading

August TBR

The list of books I want to read in August is so ridiculously long, I can’t imagine there’s any way I’m actually going to get through them all. But hopefully I can at least make a good dent! Continue reading