Arc Roundup: Battle Royal and All the Feels

I have two highly anticipated new contemporary romances to talk about with you today! I was definitely intrigued by Battle Royal when I first saw the cover, but it was its pitch as a GBBO-inspired sunshine/grump romance that really sold me and made me want to try my first Lucy Parker (it will definitely not be my last!). And of course I had to review All the Feels after the phenomenal setup for this couple that Olivia Dade did in Spoiler Alert!
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Arc Roundup: Role Model

I usually prefer to group my reviews together, but I had so many thoughts about Role Model by Rachel Reid (spoiler: I loved it!) that I word vomited a super long review. Whoops! I’ve cleaned it up significantly from that first draft but this is still a pretty long, somewhat rambly review with some spoilers clearly marked further down. Though if you prefer your reviews completely spoiler free, maybe skip this one and just know that it’s an excellent addition to the series! Continue reading

Help! What books should I keep??

I moved a few months ago, and it was a pretty momentous move because I now have enough room for all of the books I’ve been storing in my closet at my parents’ house for YEARS! It’s very exciting! But now that I’ve been reunited with all of these books, I’ve realized that there are A LOT, and I don’t think it sparks joy anymore to keep them all. But idk what exactly to keep, so that’s where you come in! Continue reading

Arc Roundup: The Queer Principles of Kit Webb

I usually try to do multiple books in my arc roundups, but alas, I only have one arc out around now and thought it made more sense to get my review up than to wait for another new release. So today we’re talking about the newest book from Cat Sebastian, The Queer Principles of Kit Webb, which just came out on Tuesday! Continue reading

What I Learned from Cleaning Out My Goodreads

I have the hardest time sitting still and watching TV, so even though I enjoyed Star Trek Discovery immensely, I wanted something to do while I was binging it recently. So I randomly decided to start purging my Goodreads shelves of all the books on my Want to Read shelf that I don’t actually want to read anytime soon. It was a surprisingly interesting experience, so I thought I’d talk about it a bit more in a blog post! Continue reading

Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2021

I love putting these posts together, as a shopping list and reminder of all of the books I’m looking forward to reading in the coming months if nothing else. There are a few really great ones coming out this summer, so keep reading to see what I think should be on your radar! Continue reading

Summer Reading Plans + Goals Check In

Do you usually make summer reading plans? I don’t, but because Jenica, Aarya, and I are taking the summer off from running a seasonal bingo, I thought this would be a great time to really try and whittle down my physical TBR! Of course, this post evolved as I was writing it and my summer reading plans now also include realigning on my 2021 goals, so keep reading to see exactly what I have planned this summer in books. Continue reading