Nonfiction November Recommendations: Part 2

Just over a week until the start of Nonfiction November, which means it’s time for part two of my nonfiction recommendations! Continue reading

Rereading HP: Prisoner of Azkaban

Prisoner of AzkabanAs I mentioned in my Harry Potter Tag post, I remember Prisoner of Azkaban being my favorite book in the series. And so far, I’d say that still sounds about right, though Sorcerer’s Stone is a close second!

Right off the bat, I loved how much groundwork for later in the book (and series) is laid in the opening pages, like the sneakoscope and Scabbers. And I completely forgot about the Monster Book of Monsters! Continue reading

Finally Fall Book Tag

I keep seeing these different fall book tags floating around the internet and decided it’s about time I finally jump on the bandwagon! Continue reading

Nonfiction November Recommendations: Part 1

It’s almost time for Nonfiction November! In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a monthlong readathon hosted by Olive at abookolive and Gemma at Non Fic Books. You can check out their announcement videos here and here and join the Goodreads group here. Continue reading

9 Books That Give Me an Earworm

Is it just me, or are more and more books using songs as the book titles? This is something I expect to see more in romance novels, where punny titles aren’t hard to come by and the word “earl” is a pretty easy substitute for “girl,” but I’m starting to see this more and more in YA titles too. Enough so that I decided to put together a list of some of the book titles that get songs stuck in my head every time I see them or hear someone talk about them.

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