Arc Review: The Missing Page

I have been looking forward to more of James and Leo’s adventures ever since Cat Sebastian published Hither, Page more than two years ago, so I was very excited when she unexpectedly announced on Twitter that a sequel would soon be available! I’m so glad I was able to get my hands on an arc, so keep reading to hear about why this book is such an excellent sequel! Continue reading

Books I Want to Reread

I already have a list of books I’m hoping to reread in 2022 that I included in my 2022 Reading Goals post, but I noticed the other day that my 2022 reading so far has largely been reading exclusively from my favorite authors. After having such a lackluster reading year in 2023, it’s been really nice to change it up! This mindset has gotten me thinking about more books I’d like to reread, so I figured I’d start a list, because lists are awesome. Continue reading

Arc Review: Season’s Change

Season’s Change by Cait Nary wasn’t really on my radar until I read the first few chapters as part of a sampler paired with the first few chapters of the upcoming Rachel Reid book. I enjoyed the mental health journey set up in what I read, and between that and Cat Sebastian’s glowing recommendation, I decided to give it a go! Continue reading

Arc Review: Something Fabulous

As a fan of Alexis Hall’s immensely popular book, Boyfriend Material, I was really excited to see him branch out into the historical genre with Something Fabulous! I can’t remember the last time an author I enjoyed as a contemporary writer did something in the historical sphere, which makes my interest in this book that much greater. Continue reading