April Wrap Up Part 1

April got off to a pretty slow start since my sister was in town for a week and I had a lot going on at work and with friends, but I made up for it this past weekend! Unfortunately most of what I’ve been reading so far this month hasn’t been living up to my expectations, but I’m still excited to talk about these books. Continue reading

Book News: April 13, 2018

So many happenings the last two weeks! I have updates from Sarah J. Maas (we finally have a Throne of Glass title!!), Harry Potter, Eloisa James, Jenny Han, and more, so keep reading!
Continue reading

7 Favorite Authors to Follow on Social Media

So I always joke that I’m an embarrassment to the Millennial name because I’m pretty anti-social media for someone my age. It’s just not something I normally use much, other than having an Instagram account to look at pretty pictures and adorable dogs. But since starting my blog, I’ve made more of an effort to be active on social media, especially Twitter, so of course a large part of that is following publishers, authors, and other book-related accounts. Continue reading